RRCT under ROYALE Business Club International - Company Policy

👉 DISCLAIMER:  The policy / code of conduct / ethical standards / marketing tool below is not an official publication of RRCT - Royale Rosario Cavite Team or any of its statements. This policies / code of conduct / ethical standards / marketing tool is personally designed by Royale or known as Royale Business Club International. For this purpose all the visitors/viewers of this blog can access complete awareness and strictly enjoined to observe and comply.  For ROYALE’s official publication, please visit the website: Code Of Conduct & Ethical Standards  (As Of July 11, 2018) Pursuant to the company’s core values of Credibility, Honest, Equality, Resiliency, Integrity, Sincerity and Humility (CHERISH). All Independent Distributors are strictly enjoined to observe the following: CODE 1 The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards binds all Independent Distributor (Sub-Distributor is considered as an Independent Distributor) and affected employees of  Royale B